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Industrial wheelie bins

As homeowners, we use wheelie bins on a daily basis to dispose of our household rubbish. And over the last few years, most of us have been presented with an array of different coloured wheelie bins so we can recycle our glass, plastic and paper waste.

On an industrial site, you will still have to dispose of waste and are likely to have a vast quantity to get rid of, compared to the general household. It’s for this reason that manufacturers supply wheelie bins in a vast array of sizes in a number of different materials.

Standard wheelie bins

Standard wheelie bins are available in sizes up to 360 litres and are suitable for the disposal of any type of waste. Being made from high density polyethylene, they can withstand inclement weather and are tough and durable enough to withstand the rigours of being used at an industrial site. They are compatible with all waste lifting machines and are easy to manoeuvre, even when full.

Wheeled waste bins

Wheeled waste bins are available in sizes up to 1100 litres and can be purchased in either high density polyethylene or steel. Steel bins are fully galvanised and are built to withstand any environment, their four wheel design and rubber tyre castors makes them really easy to push along.

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