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Industrial storage and health and safety

Everyone knows that a tidy workshop is a safe workshop. And if everything has a place, then it can be located quickly when it is needed. To aid industrial sites and improve the health and safety of workers at these sites, different storage facilities and safety equipment is available to purchase.

Steel shelving

Steel shelving is a necessity in many industrial environments, for the storage of spare and replacement items. Most industrial sites will carry a level of stock for different electrical and mechanical components and these are commonly stored on steel shelving. Easy to fix steel shelving comes in different sizes with different carrying capacities; you just need to choose a type for your application.

Workshop cupboards

Workshop cupboards are the perfect way to store tools and other items holding some value or worth. If these items are stored away properly, the workers will be able to access them when needed.

Easy access spill kits

If your spill kits are kept in a location where they are easily visible to all employees, they will be able to be accessed quickly and efficiently. This will aid spill response time and reduce plant downtime because of a spill.

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