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Industrial materials handling equipment

In industry there is a wide range of different methods available for moving equipment around site. Many of these types of equipment are used on a daily basis and are essential so a worker can perform his or her daily duties.

Stair climbing sack trucks

Sack trucks are used on a daily basis at an industrial plant to move equipment and stock from one department to another. The sack truck provides space for the equipment to be moved and then the user simply has to push or pull the truck along and hence complies with the relevant health and safety regulations.

For those building which don’t have a lift, a stair climbing sack truck is thus a prerequisite. A stair climbing sack truck has three wheels at on each axle, meaning the truck can be pulled up stairs or pushed down stairs with ease, negating the need for a person to have to manually carry a heavy item.

Platform trolley

A platform trolley is another device used for moving stock or equipment around site. The trolley usually has four wheels so is very stable and can take a good deal of weight, removing the need to manually carry goods. Platform trolleys are available in extendable and rough terrain types, which are suitable for different applications.

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