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Industrial drip trays

There are many uses of drip trays in an industrial environment. From the simple catching of drips from a leaky piece of machinery, to a place to keep liquid storage containers while the contents are being used, they are an essential component of every industrial business.

Work surface drip trays

Work surface drip trays are essential for those people who work with liquids on a daily basis. Electrical and mechanical engineers may use these types of trays to place oil cans or liquid lubricants whilst they are being used. Laboratories that use chemicals need to use trays like these so any chemicals that are spilt are contained easily.

Steel drum drip trays

Any steel drums that are kept on site should be placed on an appropriate stand so that any leaks or drips are contained. Drum drip trays are the perfect solution in this scenario. They can safely hold a number of drums and any spills when filling or dispensing can be contained.

Polyethylene drip trays

Perhaps the type of drip tray that can be used in the widest array of applications is the polyethylene drip tray. Polyethylene drip trays can be purchased in a wide range of sizes and are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Absorbent pads can be placed in the tray and can be changed as and when necessary.

A polyethylene drip tray is essential at any site that uses machinery, where there is a chance there may be a spill.

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