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Industrial cleaning equipment

The cleaning equipment needed on an industrial site can differ greatly from the equipment you might find in the home. Industrial establishments are often exposed to many different substances that require a range of different cleaning techniques. So it’s not simply the case that you can send a member of staff to your local hardware store to pick up some things. You need to have the right cleaning equipment on site for the processes your factory performs and you have to educate your cleaning staff how to use it properly.

Some cleaning equipment you may require:

Industrial vacuum cleaners

These cleaners are more robust then standard household cleaners and can cope with the arduous task of vacuuming industrial deposits. Some industrial vacuums can clean up liquids and others can scrub and dry the floor.

Floor cleaning equipment

Industrial mops and mobile mopping stations are perfect in large factories that have to keep work areas clean and tidy. The stations can be filled with a selection of cleaning materials and used by different members of staff.

Industrial degreasers

If you have a spill at your industrial site, you need to make sure that when the spill is cleaned using your spill response equipment, an appropriate degreasing cleaner is at hand so the stain and residue can be removed from the floor.

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