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Industrial bins and wheelie bins

Many domestic premises now have a range of wheelie bins for their household waste. There is usually a general waste bin, a garden waste bin, a bottle and plastics bin and a bin for paper and card. The different bins are easily recognisable as they use specific colours for different types of waste.

On an industrial scale, the waste from factories is treated in a similar way, except usually to a much larger degree and there is usually lots of different types of waste. To cope with this there are a range of different types of industrial wheelie bins available, all which feature toughened lips, so they can be lifted by compactors or refuse trucks, meaning human contact or lifting of the waste is never needed.

Wheelie bins are available in sizes from around 120 litres to 1100 litres and can even be manufactured in tough steel, adding to their longevity and durability potential. They are also available in colours including green, brown, yellow, blue, grey, and even red, so you can sort your waste appropriately. Because most wheelie bins are made of high density polyethylene they are easy to clean and hence can be used daily for many years with little or no maintenance.

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