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Indoor and outdoor drip solutions

Anyone who works in industry knows that although it is should seem simple to stop leaks and drips from industrial machinery, it is commonly impossible to track and locate every drip and stop it quickly. This is why drip trays are so important to have at the ready, so if a drip from a machine is noticed, the tray can be used to collect the spilled liquid so it does not contaminate the surrounding environment.

There are a range of different drips trays available that are suitable for use in specific applications.

Polyethylene drip trays

Polyethylene drip trays come in a range of sizes and can be used with an absorbent pad to soak up the spilled fluid. The tough material they are made from means they can be used in even the harshest environment and they are resistant to most substances including hazardous liquids.

Outdoor drip trays

The problem with using conventional drip trays outdoors is that when it rains the tray quickly becomes filled by rainwater so is rendered useless. If a Plant Nappy is used instead of a conventional drip tray, the rain water is filtered through the Nappy’s sidewalls but the contaminants remain in the tray. Plant Nappys can be filled with absorbent pads so the pad can be replaced when full.

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