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IBC storage containers

If you use IBCs at your industrial site, you will need a safe way to store them that meets current hazardous liquid storage regulations.

Bunded IBC storage is available in a range of different sizes, suitable for the storage of a differing number of IBC storage containers. All meet the Control of Pollution Regulations and meet PPG26 from the Environment Agency’s Pollution Prevention Guidelines.

IBC storage benefits

IBC stores are exceptionally durable and can withstand the rigours of being sited outdoors during harsh weather conditions. Being bunded, they are the perfect way to prevent spills from the IBC polluting the surrounding area as the spill will be contained within the bund.

Door options on the exterior of the containers include roller shutter doors and sliding doors with both options lockable. They are designed for the storage of standard 1000 litre IBCs and are fitted with crane lifting eyes so can be lowered into any position on your industrial site.

Bunded IBC storage containers can hold up to 24 IBCs, depending on the model you choose, and are the perfect way to control the hazardous liquid substances you use at your industrial site.

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