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IBC spill pallets and IBC spill bunds

Many industrial sites use intermediate storage containers (IBCs) to store the liquids they use for process operations. Because of this, they need to take precautions so that the contents of the containers does not leak and contaminate the surrounding area.

It’s common for IBCs to have pallet-like bases so they can be transported around the site by forklift trucks and pump trucks. However, IBCs can drip or leak when they are first opened or while being transported or stored. Because of this it’s really important to use some sort of spill containment device under the IBC so any spills or liquid contaminants are collected.

To comply with current legislation regarding the storage of liquids at an industrial site, you can use IBC spill pallets under the IBC to collect any drips or leaks from the container.

If you need to store IBCs in bulk quantities, you can also get IBC spill pallets which fit under multiple IBCs thus facilitating the collection of spilled liquid from any of the IBCs.

If you use IBC spill bunds or IBC spill pallets, you can minimise the risk of a spill into the surrounding area and can comply with the Oil Storage regulations 2001.

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