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IBC spill pallets and bunded workfloor

It’s important for any industrial site to make provisions for the capture of spilled liquids from drums, IBCs or any other liquid containing device. Bunded spill pallets are the perfect way to do this. The bunded pallet sits underneath the drum or IBC and any drips, leaks or accidental spills can be contained.

IBC spill pallets

IBC spill pallets are available in a wide range of sizes and styles and are made from either steel, polyethylene or reinforced plastic. Most IBC spill pallets have a bund capacity of 110% the volume capacity of the IBC, so even if all the liquid contents were to spill from the IBC, the liquid would be contained and not affect the surrounding area.

Bunded workfloor

For those sites that need to store a large quantity of drums, drum workfloors are an apt solution. Bunded workfloors can clip together to create a large surface area, and being lightweight they can be moved around the work area to create the drum storage solution you require.

Some bunded spill pallets have forklift pockets so the bunds and the drums can be easily transported. And, being UV stabilized and chemical resistant, they are suitable for containing oils and chemicals in line with the 2001 oil storage regulations.

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