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IBC spill pallets

If you store large volumes of liquids at your industrial site, you will need some form of storage solution that will keep your liquid containers safe and will collect the liquid if a spill should occur.

IBC or Intermediate Bulk Containers are the perfect way to store volumes of liquid at an industrial site. They are manufactured from high density polyethylene and because of their design and stacking potential, can be moved quite easily around the factory. Most IBCs come fitted with a steel mesh cage which protects them from bumps and knock, but accidents can happen.

IBC spill control

If you have IBCs at your industrial site, you need to make sure that they are sited on a sump pallet so if a spill occurs it does not affect the local environment. IBC spill pallets, or sump pallets, have a volume capacity which is 10% more than the volume capacity of the IBC, meaning that if a spill occurs from the IBC, the entire contents will be able to be contained.

IBC sump pallets should always meet the Oil Storage Regulations 2001.

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