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IBC and Oil Spill Pallets

IBC Spill Pallet with frame and cover

When you are storing industrial quantities of bulk materials on site, best practice dictates that these will be best contained within an IBC, or, Intermediate Bulk Container. Constructed from high density polyethylene they are ideal for storing in particular, liquids such as inks or aggressive and hazardous chemicals and can aid the overall efficiency of any business.

When you use IBC’s to store liquids on site you will want to consider using an IBC spill pallet, also known as a sump pallet, for containing any liquids that may drip or be spilled on site. The IBC pallets can be manufactured from either steel or polyethylene and have a bund capacity of 110% so that they will comfortably contain all the liquid in the IBC in the event of it being penetrated.

In addition to this they are a variety of sumps available with differing features. For instance, the single IBC spill pallets provide a convenient dispensing bucket that allows the user to safely dispense liquid from the IBC and catching any drips within the spill pallet. Other features include our spill pallet grids which offer structural support to the IBC’s while guiding any potential spills into the bund. And if your spill pallets are exposed to external conditions then a spill pallet frame and cover will help to keep the bund free of rainwater so that it retains its full sump capacity.

IBC spill pallets not only help protect the environment from potentially harmful liquids, but they help maintain a clean site and keep the user fully compliant with current regulations, including the Oil Storage Regulations 2001.

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