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How to store oil drums safely

Every industrial site that uses oil drums or other hazardous liquid storage drums needs to make provision to store the drums safely. A spill from one of these drums can cause injury to your site personnel and also damage the environment.

In the past health and safety regulations were not as strict and it was common to see oil drums left at various locations around a factory so their contents could be used when needed. However, this is most definitely not the case any longer. Oil drums or fuel drums now have to be stored in a dedicated location which is accessible by only authorised personnel.

To keep your oil drums organised and facilitate the containment of a spill should one occur, there are now various oil drum storage solutions available. When drums are stored correctly, any drips, spills or leaks from a drum can be contained.

Drum racking systems which use containment bunds to catch spills are an apt solution. New drum racking systems will comply with the oil storage regulations 2001 and can support a number of drums, making the storage and dispensing of the liquid contained within the drum easy.

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