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How to remove hazardous spilled liquids

Most factories around the UK now have a range of spill cleaning equipment should they have a spill of a hazardous substance on site. Some also use spill kits, which contain things such as absorbent materials, PPE and a disposal bag. Spill kits are an excellent spill cleaning solution which can be kept near to a potential spill site.

There is usually a range of cleaning equipment available at every industrial site, from simple sweeping brushes to degreasing agents. And it’s with this range of cleaning equipment that industrial sites can keep their employees safe.

If a spill does occur, the liquid can be soaked up by the absorbent materials found in a spill kit. However, the residue from the spill may still be on the floor surface. In situations like this an industrial degreaser can be used on the floor, depending on the type of liquid spilled, so the slip or trip hazard can be removed. In some instances it may be necessary to use a chemical neutralising agent on the spill site so the debris can be made environmentally benign.

There are a wide range of degreasing agents available, with some perfect for general purpose applications and others for more specialised applications such as removing oil or tar.

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