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How to prevent the contamination of your waste drainage system.

If you or your company handles bulk quantities of industrial fluids on site or transports hazardous goods on vehicles, then under Pollution Prevention Guide 5 and ADR 2009 regulations, you should have in place plans for preventing contaminants entering the underground waste water system.

If contaminants breach the water system through drains on your site, then it is not only a hazard for the environment, but also a potential problem for your bank balance.

There are a number of drain covers available that can be used to ensure that contaminants are kept out of the waste water system.

Polyurethane Drain Cover

Polyurethane drain covers are made by combining two highly visible layers of durable yet flexible polyurethane. The top layer is laminated, ensuring that the bottom layer doesn’t rip or become warped, while the bottom layer has a sticky surface for sealing around the exposed drain.

Polyurethane drain covers are reusable after washing and are resistant to oil, water and most chemicals and are available in two sizes.

Magnetic Drain Cover

Magnetic drain covers can be used on all metal drains that have been cleared of dirt and debris. The covers are imbued with a strong magnetism which prevents lateral force from displacing them. They can be cleaned and reused, are weather and chemical resistance and are ideal for deployment prior to bulk deliveries.

Neoprene Drain Cover

Neoprene drain covers are reusable covers and the most economical method for drain protection. They can be placed over coarse or irregular surfaces quickly and easily making them ideal for emergency deployment. Measuring 1 metre squared, the Neoprene drain cover should provide sufficient coverage for most standard sized drains.

Plug Rug

Plug Rugs are an adaptable drain cover available in four sizes that can be moulded to fit any kind of drain including old, uneven and misshapen drains. Providing a waterproof seal, the plug rug is ideal for efficient drain sealing in the event of a spill.

All of our drain covers are competitively priced and are available with FREE DELIVERY.

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