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How do absorbent pads remove chemical spills?

Chemical or oil spills are an unfortunate common occurrence in industry today. If you have a spill you need to make sure that you clean the spill as soon as possible. By using spill kits, you can easily clean the oil or chemical spilt which may include harmful hydrocarbons such as fuels, lubricants and gasoline.

Absorbents are one of the most important parts of spill kits, as they help to absorb the spill. Nowadays, you will find various types of absorbents such as pillows, pads, rollers and socks. Absorbent pads are one of the most commonly used components of spill kits and they come in various types.

Universal absorbent pads – These pads are made from melt blown polypropylene and they come in a grey colour. These pads are mostly used by chemicals companies as they are helpful at soaking up chemical spills. In addition to this, they also work well with water based fluids.

Oil absorbent pads – These are generally white in colour and they can only absorb hydrocarbons. One of the best features of these pads is that they repel water which means that they can be used to absorb oil on land as well as on water.

Anti-static absorbent pads – They can be used in situations where sparking can take place. They are specially designed to offer extra security at the time of chemical or oil spillage.

Other than absorbent pads, you will also find gloves and goggles in the spill kits for added personal protection.

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