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How absorbents for oil spills have evolved

Most businesses who deal with liquids encounter spills at some point, and they need to be cleared up quickly and thoroughly.

In the past, many spills were dealt with by simply mopping them up, although this was not always effective- particularly with oil spills.

Modern and effective oil spill cleaners, which deal with oil spills efficiently, are known as oil absorbent pads. There were absorbent socks which were first introduced around 1985. The socks were placed under the machine which was leaking, so that the oil was absorbed.

However, absorbents are now made from a polyester spun bonded fabric which is filled with viscose, cellulose and polyester soak fibre.

Besides absorbent socks, you can also get absorbent pads, which are a square shaped pad made from melt brown polypropylene fibre. In many pads, the top layers are made from spun bond fibre and the lower layers are made from melt brown material.

Absorbent pads help to quickly absorb spills, which reduces the risk of slips. Any business who regularly deals with liquids should make sure that they have the appropriate absorbents to hand.

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