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Holdall spill kits

It may not be viable to have a spill kit at every area in your factory where a spill may occur, so having a spill kit that is portable and easily deployed if a spill happens is always a good idea.

Holdall spill kits are kits that contain everything you need to deal with a small sized spill. They can be carried over the shoulder and so can be kept at hand ready to deal with a spill. They are the perfect kit to keep in your truck or van so you can cope with spills while on the move.

Holdall chemical spill kits

These spill kits contain enough spill control equipment to cope with a spill up to 75 litres in volume. They can be used to contain hazardous chemical spills and will contain items such as absorbent pads, absorbent socks, PPE and a disposal bag to put the used absorbents into after you have clean the spill.

Holdall oil spill kits

Designed specifically for use with oil spills, oil holdall spill kits can absorb up to 75 litres of liquid. They contain similar absorbent materials to chemical holdall spill kits and fully comply with current ISO and BS standards.

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