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Hazardous storage cabinets

When you need to store hazardous liquids or chemicals on site, you need an appropriate place to store them. Many of the compounds and solutions industrial firms use today are hazardous, but they need to be accessible so staff members can access the contents when they need them.

Some of the liquids that may need to be stored in a safety cabinet include acids, chemicals and alkalis. A safety cabinet can also be used to store things such as PPE and first aid equipment.

If you are looking for a safety cabinet, you need to make sure that it is COSHH approved and also offers some form of fire protection. Many of these types of cabinets are colour coded, so staff on site can determine what the contents of the cabinet are without having to open the cabinet.

Flammable storage cabinets are usually yellow in colour. They feature a liquid sump at the bottom of the cabinet so any liquid spills will be contained and are usually supplied with leak proof shelves.

Safety cabinets come in range of sizes, from small 15 litre regular cabinets to 50 litre large sized cabinets that can store a host of products.

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