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Hazardous storage cabinets

If you use hazardous liquids at your industrial site, you will need to make sure that they are stored correctly so that you comply with the current health and safety regulations.

Hazardous storage cabinets are designed to hold all sorts of different hazardous materials, from containers of acids and alkalis to pesticides. All are manufactured to comply with current British Standards and can be colour coded so you know what substance is stored where.

Hazardous substance safety cabinets should be able to withstand fire penetration for 30 minutes and comply with the Factory Inspectorate Certificate of Approval No 1: Parts 3 & 4 and be COSHH approved.

All the cabinets have adjustable shelves and are available in different sizes depending on your individual needs, with a storage capacity from 15 litres to 50 litres. They have a high visibility powder coating and conform to BS5378.

Because they are fitted with a three point locking system the cabinets can be looked after by a designated key holder. This means the liquids cannot be used by personnel who are not trained in the handling of hazardous liquids. Choose from green for pesticides, red for protective equipment, white for acid and alkali storage and yellow for flammable storage.

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