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Get the right oil spill kit

It is perhaps quite apt to write an article about oil spill kits at the moment, as the US faces the largest oil cleanup operation it has ever seen.

Oil spill kits are not just essential for large scale spills, they are also important for companies who only use oil on an infrequent basis. There are of course many different types of spill kits currently available on the market with absorption capacities from just 10 litres to many thousands of litres.

If you are looking for an oil spill kit it’s worth performing a risk assessment on the amount of oil that may be likely to spill in your instance. There is no point buying a huge 1200 litre absorbing capacity kit if you only need a small kit to cope with small spills.

The perfect place to store oil spill kits is in an area that may be prone to spills, but if this can not be done, you can buy oil spill kits that can easily be carried on your shoulder or fit into a wheeled bin so they can be transported to the spill quickly and easily.

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