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Get absorbent pillows for spills

Nowadays, you will find many different types of spill absorbents such as absorbent pads, socks, rolls and pillows. These absorbents help to absorb oil, chemicals and other waste. All spill absorbents are specifically designed in a way so that they fulfill their purpose appropriately.

Out of all of these absorbents, pillows are popular as they are small in size. This means that they can also be used in confined spaces that other absorbents can’t reach. In addition to this, these pillows can absorb a substantial amount of fluid.

These pillows are divided into three different types: general, only oil and chemical. Here is a little information on each type:

General Purpose – These pillows are perfect for all types of non-aggressive spills and fluids which are present in many industries. They are filled with polypropylene, which has the capacity to absorb and clean any spill easily. They can also absorb diesel, acetone and hexane to name but a few.

Oil Only – These pillows are perfect for situations where you need to clean oil spills. There are some places such as waste troughs, fluid reservoirs, coolant tanks and sump wells where oil spills are very common. One of the best features of these pillows is that they absorb oil and repel water, making them ideal for separating oil off watery surfaces.

Chemcial – If you want to clean hazardous fluids such as hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, sulpharic acid and also nitric acid then opt for chemical absorbent pillows.

If you are choosing spill kits for your business then make sure that you buy good quality pillows which will deliver high performance.

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