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Generator drip solutions

If you have ever used a generator, you will be aware how noisy, smelly and dirty they can be, especially if the generator is a few years old. It’s not uncommon for the odd drip of oil to occur. These leaks need to be controlled and not allowed to pollute the environment, so you need to use a spill collection solution under the generator to mop up any leaks.

You will normally have to use a generator if there is no power source nearby. That means that generators are frequently used in rural environments, exactly the type of place that needs extra protection from oil or fuel spills.

The Plant Nappy

If you use a Plant Nappy under the generator, you can catch and drips or leaks that occur. The Plant nappy is a spill containment device that fits under the generator and is designed for use indoors and outdoors. Its special absorbent material can filter water and allow t to safely escape, a problem that standard drip trays cannot overcome. The Plant Nappy can be fitted with interchangeable nappy liners as and when needed and is the perfect solution under leaky generators.

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