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General purpose tube spill kits and refills

Having a general purpose spill kit at your disposal whenever you need it is a must in an industrial environment. General purpose spill kits are great at soaking up spilled liquids, whether water or oil based. And, they are available in handy sizes so can be kept in your site vehicle, near places of likely spills or even in the workshop, so they are easily accessible if you receive notification of a spill.

A tube spill kit is one such spill response component that works really well in all situations. The kit incorporates everything you need to cope with a small general spill, with absorbent pads and socks included in the package. Having an absorbency capacity of around 20 litres, the tube spill kit comes with its own shower proof bag and carry strap so can easily be carried to the spill site.

Spill kit refills

Refills are available for many different types of spill kits and are a cost-effective way to replace items you may have used. You can even keep a stock level of spare items at hand, so the bag can be refilled as soon as the components are used. This way you can be ready to tackle the next spill.

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