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General purpose spill kits

Every industrial site should have a range of spill control products at their disposal should a spill occur, and perhaps the most popular of these products is the general purpose spill kit.

General purpose spill kits are perfect to keep at the ready in case of a liquid spill. While they are not able to deal with a spill of a hazardous substance such as their chemical spill kit counterparts, general purpose spill kits can still absorb non-aggressive and non- hazardous liquids effortlessly.

General purpose spill kits can contain items such as absorbent pads, absorbent socks, absorbent pillows and even PPE such as protective gloves. Most general purpose spill kits also come with a used product disposal bag so the used absorbents can be disposed of safely.

Different types of spill kits will contain different numbers of spill clean-up components, but with the vast range of kits now available you will be sure to find a kit that is suitable for your specific application. There are spill kits available for forklift trucks, spill kits for vehicles, spill kits that can be carried on the shoulder and even spill kits that can be kept in huge wheeled bins providing over 1200 litres of absorption capacity.

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