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Fuel spill at Hanley Castle

A fuel spill after a road collision last Tuesday left fire fighters with a mammoth spill cleanup task on their hands.

Fire crews were called after a tractor and van collided in the Hanley Castle region last Tuesday. The incident happened on the B4211 just before rush hour.

Due to the incident over 100 litres of hydraulic fluid spilled into the road and both vehicles were left immobile. Fire crews from stations at Upton and Evesham spent about two hours at the scene using absorbents and other spill control equipment to make the area safe and clean up the spill.

The vehicles were eventually removed and the road reopened at about 18:45pm.

Fuel spills due to road accidents are unfortunately commonplace, so it’s important for the emergency services to carry specialist spill control equipment that can stop spills spreading and absorb spilled liquids.

To mop up spilled liquids, there are many products on the market, including absorbent mats, pads, socks and pillows. With many types of spill control and clean-up equipment available, its important to have the right type of equipment should you have a spill.

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