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From slim fit to forklift trucks – a selection of spill kits

From their emergence in the market as individual spill collection devices, spill kits have now become more specialised and can now be purchased for bespoke spill solutions.

Slim fit spill kits

If you need to store a spill kit close to a potential spill site, a slim fit spill kit is a good choice. A slim fit spill kit contains everything you need to deal with a spill of about 20 litres of liquid. The kits come in small see through plastic bags so you can see which spill absorption solution you need. And the slim fit design enables them to be tucked away in your vehicle or on a machine in the factory.

Mini spill kits

Mini spill kits are the perfect spill kit to keep at hand in a workshop or other work area. The spill kit contains enough absorbent materials to soak up ten litres of spilled liquid and it’s one of the cheapest spill kits currently on the market.

Forklift truck spill kits

A forklift truck spill kit is specially designed to be fasted to the vehicle so it can be used in an emergency situation. Because the spill kit container is made from heavy duty fabric, it is extremely durable and can stay in situ for many years until it is needed. A forklift truck spill kit contains enough absorbents to soak up 12 litres of liquid.

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