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Four types of spill containment products

Spill pallets and bunds

Spill pallets are one of the best ways to store drums and IBCs safely. The drum or IBC is sited on the pallet and so if the drum or IBC were to leak the spill pallet will collect the spilled liquid. Spill pallets usually contain a bund which is large enough to store all the spilled liquid from the stored container.

Drip trays

Drip trays are used widely in industry as an emergency device to catch drips of leaky lubrication fluid and as a place to store liquid containers whilst they are being used. The tray keeps the work area clean and hazard free. Drip trays are available in a wide range of sizes and come in many different materials.

Drain covers

It’s essential for every factory to have emergency drain covers at their disposal. If a spill of a hazardous liquid were to occur everything possible should be done to stop the liquid entering the general waste water system. And drain covers can do just this. The drain cover provides an emergency seal over the drain so no contaminants can enter.


Booms are perhaps the most well known spill containment device. Booms can stop the flow of spilled liquid entering a protected area and some booms can also soak up spills. Floating booms are especially useful for cleaning up fuel spills on bodies of water such as ponds or lakes or even the ocean.

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