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Forklift truck spill kits

There are a wide range of spill kits available for use in every type of industry. From spill kits that can be used to clean up major chemical spills, to small spill kits that are suitable for use in a workshop environment, there is a great choice on offer.

Spill kits are primarily used to contain the spill so it doesn’t contaminate the surrounding area and to clean up the spill so the spilled liquid can be effectively removed. The kits usually contain items such as absorbent materials, PPE and some sort of bag to dispose of the used items.

Spill kits are used widely in industry as a safety net in case of a spill, but they can also be used in other instances, such as to clean a spill from a water course or made specifically for use in a handy carry bag for use on an HGV.

Forklift truck spill kits

Forklift trucks are usually battery operated or diesel operated. And spill kits can be purchased that can be fitted to both these types of machines. The kits fit neatly to the back of the forklift and contain everything you need to cope with a fuel spill.

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