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Flood defence and protection systems

With the weather in the UK becoming more unpredictable all the time, it’s no wonder many communities in low lying areas are making preparations against the chance of flooding.

Just this week the Met office said there is a good chance that the UK will have its coolest summer for over two decades, and that comes just a few months after the hottest spring for 118 years.

It can be impossible to plan for acts of God, but many communities that now live near the sea or rivers which regularly flood are now checking their own flood defences to make sure they are adequately prepared.

Flood barriers

Flood barriers are an effective portable way to provide a defence and protection system against flooding. The barriers provide a water-tight seal with the ground and can be joined together to form a barrier of unlimited length. Flood barriers can also be stacked creating a much taller blockade against advancing water.

Flood barriers are filled with water when needed and then the water drained away and the barrier stored until next time it is needed.

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