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Five mile oil spill in Aberdeen

Generally oil spills from vehicles can be contained quickly and the spill covers only a certain area. However, this week road users had to contend with a five mile oil spill on the roads of Aberdeen.

Road users were greeted with the five mile spill at around 11am last Friday morning. It appears that the spill originated somewhere in the Kingswell area before ending at Riverside drive. Police were made aware of the incident and quickly called gritters to the scene after a number of drivers reported their cars ‘slipping’ on the surface.

One man who was interviewed by the Press and Journal stated that it was lucky it was not raining as otherwise the roads would have been treacherous. He stated:

“If it rains after a spill, and I know this from long experience, that becomes lethal on the roads.

“Anybody on a bike has got no chance. We were lucky it was dry today.”

The council gritted the areas affected quickly but there were still a number of accidents, including one vehicle that skidded off a roundabout. A police spokesperson commented on the incident:

“There was no damage done to his vehicle, but the driver phoned up to report the incident,”

The spill, which was around 4ft wide in places, has not yet been attributed to a person or vehicle, but police have asked for anyone with any information to come forward.

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