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Fire fighters clean up chemical spill which closes major road

An unnamed woman has suffered eye injuries after a chemical spill at an industrial estate. The Health and Safety Executive were alerted to the spill which happened last Thursday afternoon and are investigating the cause and nature of the incident.

Police were called to the incident at the Dalcross Industrial Estate and set up a 200m cordon around the site. Fire fighters wearing chemical suits then cleaned up the spill of the toxic chemical using specialist spill collection equipment including absorbents and chemical neutralising agents.

The woman was taken to Inverness Hospital suffering from exposure to ammonia and injuries to her eyes.

A spokeswoman for the Health and Safety Executive said:

"We are aware of the incident and are making initial inquiries.

"A decision will be made as to whether to launch a full scale investigation."

Local residents were advised to stay away from the area until the spill was cleaned up and the road to Inverness Airport from Ardesier was closed while the spill cleaning operation took place.

Fire crews always have specialist spill collection equipment at their disposal including booms, absorbents and neutralising agents.

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