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Factory storage solutions

There is often many different types of storage at industrial sites. There is storage for spare parts and stock, storage for liquid containers and drums and storage for worker’s tools and equipment. To facilitate the need of industrial environments there are a range of different storage solutions available to purchase.

Racking and shelving

Steel racking and shelving is a great way to store spare items and replacement items. Items waiting for shipment or delivery can also be stored easily on steel shelving. Steel shelving comes in different sizes and can be assembled in rows or stacked to create high level shelving.

Drum storage

Liquid containing drums need somewhere they can be stored securely and safely. And the best way to do this is to use a bunded drum storage solution. Bunded drum storage can stop any leaks or spills from the drums contaminating the surrounding area. Using this type of storage method, one or more drums can be stored together and the contents can be dispensed easily.

Workshop cupboards

A great way to store tools, PPE or other workshop essentials is in workshop cupboards. The cupboards can be locked individually or the same locks can be used and staff given sets of keys so only they can access the contents within.

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