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Exposure risks and ways by which employees can be exposed to dangerous substances (Part 2)

In the last article we discussed the different ways by which employees can be exposed to harmful substances and concentrated on direct exposure to skin. In this article we will discuss the other ways by which employees may be exposed to harmful substances.

Inadvertent swallowing of a substance

Dangerous chemicals can be transferred to the mouth more easily than you may think. And it may only take a small amount of the substance to cause considerable damage. Substances can be transferred into the mouth when employees eat or smoke, or by using their mouths to hold screws or tools that may have come into contact with the dangerous substance.

Harmful substance contact with the eyes

Some chemicals are irritating to the eyes because of the vapour that they release. And fluid splashes can cause permanent damage to the eyes depending on the type of chemical used. Both employees and employers need to be aware of this so appropriate eye safety wear is available for all employees.

In the next article we will discuss contact to harmful substances through skin abrasions or inhalation and ways to clean up spilled substances using spill kits.

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