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Environment Agency prevents "major environmental disaster".

The Environment Agency was called upon last Thursday and Friday to contain a potential spill of 4,000 litres of petrol that had been endangering spawning salmon in the River Tiddy in Cornwall.

The petrol tanker was being towed on Thursday night when it overturned giving rise to a situation where the “fuel was pouring out”, according to Darren Maynard of Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service.

As soon as the Environment Agency arrived on the scene they deployed booms and absorbent pads in an event to contain the spill.

Steve Marks, a spokesman for the Environment Agency confirmed that the operation had been successful and that “no significant pollution” had been detected in the river. He added that; “If the petrol had got into the water it would have been a major environmental disaster.”

The tank was sprayed with foam by the Fire Service to render it safe before it was allowed to be removed from the scene and the road was re-opened on Friday afternoon.

Yet again the Environment Agency has demonstrated the importance of designing well drilled spill response procedures that effectively contain spills and protect fragile waterways.

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