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Environment Agency PPGs

The Environment Agency has strict guidelines and environmental regulations in place to prevent the pollution of our environment. And to do this, they have developed a series of Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPGs) that offer advice to various business sectors to stop pollution and hence comply with the law.

There are thousands of pollution instances every year in the UK, with an unfortunate number going unreported. Most of these originate from factories, farms and transport but they can also originate from your home. This doesn’t have to be the case though, as most of these incidents can be avoided given suitable equipment and prior knowledge.

If you are responsible with your waste management, you can not only comply with current legal regulations, you will also be able to better manage the waste you produce, which can actually cut the cost of your waste disposal.

The costs of cleaning up pollution, as can be seen by BP, can be huge, whereas the cost of implementing safety systems and buying the necessary equipment can be relatively small. So it seems improbable not to follow the guidelines set out by the Environment Agency.

The guidance PPGs from the Environment Agency go into detail regarding the steps each business must take to stop pollution, whether by following the oil storage regulations or by using the right spill containment devices.

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