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Enduramaxx water tanks

Many industrial and commercial establishments need a way to store large quantities of water to use when needed.

Enduramaxx manufacture some of the best water storage tanks available today. Their range of products are moulded in one piece, so there are no weak vertical side seams and because they are manufactured from high density polyethylene they are strong, durable and extremely tough.

Sump water tanks

Sump water tanks contain an integral sump so drainage and decontamination of the tank is made simple.

Static water tanks

Static water tanks from Enduramaxx are made from high grade polyethylene making them ideal for non portable water storage. The polyethylene they are made from makes them durable and robust with a high impact resistance, making them suitable for use in industry as well as farming and commercial establishments.

Flat bottom water tanks

Flat bottom water tanks come in huge range of sizes, right from the ability to hold around 1,250 litres of water to a staggering 20,000 litres of water.

Plastic horizontal water tanks

Plastic horizontal water tanks come with plastic moulded mounted points integrated into the base, so they are easily installed on any flat surface. They are one of Enduramaxx’s heavy duty range of tanks and are suitable for use in many different applications.

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