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Emergency spill containment booms

As can be seen in the Gulf of Mexico, containment booms are an essential spill containment device that can be used even in the harshest environmental conditions. They are perfect to use either on rivers, ponds or on open water and can be easily attached together to form a longer barrier or on the riverbank to prevent the spill further damaging the river’s ecosystem.

Spill containment booms are light in weight so are easily transportable and are available in many different lengths. Providing a fence-like barrier across a river or a stream and available in a highly visible colour, the booms can be deployed in seconds quickening the spill containment effort.

It is important to be prepared for spills at all times. A spill often happens at the most unexpected and inopportune moment so cannot be planned for. But because they are unplanned it does not mean that we can’t have the right equipment ready to tackle the spill. Nor should we be under practiced at dealing with spills, practice makes perfect and the less time we spend stopping the problem becoming worse can only have a positive effect on our environment. This makes practicing for spills nearly as important as the equipment used to contain them and clean them up.

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