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Emergency services respond to ferry collision and oil spill exercise

Red Funnel will be taking part in an exercise to test the multi-agency response to a ferry collision and oil spill in Southampton Waters this morning.

If you are on a Red Funnel ferry this morning, you might notice something unusual taking place in Southampton Waters.

But don’t worry, what might look concerning is in fact an exercise.

Multi-agency oil spill response exercise
Red Funnel are taking part in a multi-agency oil spill response exercise in Southampton Water today (Tuesday 11th September) from 10am.

The emergency response exercise will involve BP Hamble, Red Funnel, Whitaker Tankers and the ABP Southampton marine team.

What to expect
A spokesperson for Red Funnel told OnTheWight,

“The scenario for the simulated exercise is a significant oil spill following a collision between a ferry passing up Southampton Water and a tanker alongside the jetty at BP Hamble. The aim of the exercise is to test the multi-agency response to a Tier 2 spill to prevent, or limit, the impact of such an event.

“Contingency plans will be tested and the exercise will allow a wide range of organisations to strengthen their partnership approach, in the event that a significant scale, multi-agency response is ever required.”

Article Source: On The Wight

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