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Emergency leak sealing solutions

In some situations it is impractical or improbable to move or empty a leaking container before it spills its contents onto a protected area. In these situations what’s needed is an emergency leak seal compound, which can be used as a temporary barrier until a permanent solution is found.

Leak sealing putty

Leak sealing putty can effectively plug fuel and hazardous waste liquid leaks, and can stick to numerous surfaces making it suitable for use in host of environments.

The putty is oil and petrol resistant and can be directly applied to a leaking container or vessel and will stop the contents leaking out. Most putties of this type can remain in situ on the leak site for a few days until a permanent solution is found.

Drain seal bags

Drain seal bags are the perfect solution if you need to stop contaminated waste entering the drainage system. The pipe seal bags are inserted into the drain and when inflated create water tight seal. The bags are most suited to use in emergency situations, but can also be preplaced in drainage systems and inflated when there is a spill or a leak. They are available in a number of different sizes.

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