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Emergency leak compound

There are many industrial applications that use hazardous substances and liquids. Because of this the sites that use them have to have some sort of control procedures in place to cope with spills of these substances. In every instance, if a leak is noticed, immediate action must be taken to stop the leak.

If a leak is from a container such as a drum or IBC, removing the remaining contents of the container and placing them into another storage vessel can take some time. And may take even longer if there isn’t a suitable empty vessel available. As a temporary solution, lot of companies use a leak stopping compound that can be placed over the leak and stop it from further affecting the surrounding area. The leak seal is of course only temporary but it gives the technicians enough time to find a suitable method to remove the remaining liquid from the vessel.

Plug N Dyke Putty is one such seal and repair compound that can be used in situations such as this. The putty provides a temporary seal against the leakage of liquids including oils and petrols and because it is ready mixed it can be applied instantly to provide an effective seal.

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