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Emergency drain covers

Drain covers should be part of any company’s spill response plan of action. The spillage of dangerous liquids poses a hazard not just to the personnel on site where the spill occurs, but also to the environment if the spilled solution should make its way into the general waste water system.

Spill kits are an excellent way of dealing with a spill on your industrial site. But to stop the flow of the spilled liquid into a general waste drain, you’ll need something that can provide a water tight cover over the drain until the spilled liquid can be soaked up by a suitable absorbent.

Drain covers perform the job of preventing hazardous liquid entering the general waste water system perfectly. The drain cover fits over the drain and provides a water tight seal. Some types of drain covers include:

Plug rugs

Plug rugs are a mouldable drain cover so can be used to cover a variety of different sizes and styles of drains. They can even seal misshapen drains and uneven drain openings so no liquid can enter the drainage system.

Neoprene drain covers

Neoprene drain covers are a quick to deploy and cost effective way of stopping liquid waste entering the general waste water system. They can be used on rough or smooth surfaces and are resistant to most chemicals.

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