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Eight Tips on Choosing the Right Oil Spill Absorbent

There are an array of loose absorbents and general purpose and oil absorbent pads, rolls, perforated rolls, socks cushions and drip trays on the market – the best product for you depends upon your application.

Question 1 – Do you want a spreadable loose absorbent for inside use or outside use?

    Inside – Highly absorbent cellulose based granules are normally the most absorbent type and best value.
    OutsideClay Granules do not blow away in the wind and are more suitable. But pads, sheets and rolls are better value per litre absorbed, are easy to recover saturated absorbent and do not risk contaminating machine bearings.

Question 2 – Are you wanting to absorb water as well as oil (e.g. cutting fluids) or mild chemicals?

    Yes, then you must use a general purpose product.
    No, if you only wish to absorb oil then both general purpose and oil abosorbent products can be used.

Question 3 – Do you want to contain oil as well as absorb it?

    Yes – then go to Question 4
    No - go to Question 6

Question 4 – Do you want containment under vehicles?

    Yes – then polythene spill trays are normally better value than steel trays and should be used either without an absorbent pad or with an absorbent pad inside.
    No – Absorbent socks are much more flexible and highly absorbent and general purpose socks are normally better value than oil only socks.

Question 5 - Do you want self draining containment systems for absorbing leaks from plant and machinery standing outside?

    Yes – the Plant Nappy™ is the only self draining containment system which is currently acceptable to the Environment Agency.

Question 6 – Is the application cleaning heavy oil contamination and are you looking for the maximum oil absorbency?

Question 7 - Is the application frequent cleaning – would you rather have best value per sheet?

Question 8 – Is the application just wiping parts and machines?

    Yes - Where the application is simply wiping parts or surfaces Industrial Wipes are often sufficient and best value.

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