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Eight Simple Steps in Selecting the Correct Oil Spill Absorbent


There is an abundance of oil absorbent products on the spill control market today which can make it difficult to ascertain which product will be most suited to your requirements. From loose absorbents to absorbent pads, rolls, socks and cushions, choosing the right product for you depends upon your application.


1 - Do you require a spreadable loose absorbent for interior or exterior usage?

Interior: Cellulose based granules are highly absorbent, virtually dust free granules that represent fantastic value per litre absorbed making them the ideal absorbent for indoor use.

Exterior: Clay granules are a heavyweight granule that won’t blow away in the wind and are especially designed for outdoor use. Absorbent pads, sheets and rolls can be used in outside locations offer better value per litre absorbed and are easier to recover once saturated.


2 - Do you want to absorb water as well as oil (e.g. cutting fluids) or mild chemicals?

Yes: In this instance you would be best advised to use a general purpose absorbent.

No: If you only want to absorb oil then you can use either a general purpose absorbent or oil only absorbent. Oil only absorbents are hydrophobic so it will absorb oil and repel water.

3 - Do you want to contain oil as well as absorb it?

Yes: Then go to question 4.

No: Go to question 6.


4 - Do you require spill containment products for underneath vehicles?

Yes: Polyethylene Spill Trays are an economical alternative to steel trays and can be lined with an absorbent pad or pillow to allow for easy cleaning of the tray.

No: Absorbent socks are ideal for containing as well as absorbing spilled oil as they are incredibly flexible and highly absorbent and can used to encircle and contain a spill.


5 - Do you require self-draining containment systems for absorbing leaks from plant and machinery that are located outside?

Yes: The Plant Nappy is the only self-draining containment system that is recommended by the Environment Agency.




6 – Are you looking for an absorbent with a high absorbent rate to tackle heavy oil contamination?

Yes: General Purpose Pillows will absorb the most oil with an absorbent rate of up to 6 litres per pillow. However, absorbent pads can combine an adequate absorbent rate (up to 1 litre per pad) with simple deployment and economical usage.



7 – Do you need an absorbent for frequent cleaning and is cost per sheet more important than the absorbent rate?

Yes: The General Purpose Absorbent Rolls have the benefit of being perforated so they can be used as required. They dispense a larger number of sheets than a box of pads, therefore offering greater economical value per sheet.


8 – Are you looking for an absorbent for wiping parts and machinery?

Yes: If you require a product for simply wiping parts or surfaces then Industrial Wipes are often an adequate and cost effective solution.

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