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Drum taps, pumps and dollies

If you use liquid containment drums at your industrial site, you will be aware of the safety implications of storing them appropriately. To do this you need to use the right type of equipment to make sure that the risk of a spill is minimised.

Drum taps

If you use the right type of drum taps you can minimise the risk of an accidental spill from a tap.

Drum taps are available in types including simple to use polyethylene which is chemical resistant, to hardwearing cast iron which is perfect for industrial use. Some taps are self closing meaning that you have to apply positive action to dispense liquids, further reducing the risk of a spill.

Drum pumps

To move liquid from drums to IBCs or to your liquid storage container, you need to use drum pumps. Drum pumps can be electrically or mechanically operated with siphoning pumps another popular choice. They are available in a wide variety of pump sizes and can pump a wide range of chemicals and corrosive liquids.

Drum dollies and trolleys

Drum dollies and trolleys are the best way to transport your storage drums from one location to another. Some dollies and trolleys also have bunds, so if any of the contents of the drums are spilled they can be safely contained within the bund.

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