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Drum taps, dollies and pumps

Many industrial sites use liquid storage drums around site to store liquid for process applications. However, these drums need to be stored safely to make sure that the risk of a spill is minimised.

Some of the equipment you might need to keep drums safely include:

Drum pumps

A drum pump is a device which can pump liquid into or out of a drum into another storage container. These pumps can be either mechanically or electrically operated and are available in a wide range of sizes. Most pumps are made from materials which can withstand chemical or corrosive substances.

Drum dollies

If you need to transport drums around your industrial site you’ll need a safe way to do so to minimise the chances of a spill. A drum dolly enables easy transport of the drum around the site and some have a self-contained bund where any liquid spilt can be contained.

Drum taps

If you use drums you’ll need to a way to dispense the liquid they contain. And the most popular way to do this is to use a drum tap. Drum taps are available in polyethylene or cast iron and their easy to use mechanism means only the needed amount of liquid is dispensed at any one time.

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