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Drum storage units are another weapon in your fight against spills

Although the majority of the time you can never predict when you will find yourself tackling a spill, there are many effective preventative measures which you can take in order to minimise the risks.

There are several industries today in which the storage of oil, fuels and hazardous substances is commonplace, and it goes without saying that, for these industries it is absolutely imperative that every possible precaution is taken in order to stop any spill occurring.

If you work with substances which are stored in drums, you will be aware that even small spills can lead to big problems, and for this reason, ensuring that drums are stored safely and correctly is vital.

This is where drum storage units come in. These units are designed to hold 205 litre drums, and help to minimise the risk of spills by keeping drums safe, secure and firmly out of the way.

However, in the event of a drum spillage, these storage units are also great for spill containment, and as they are constructed from steel and boast anti corrosion properties, the after-effects of any spill can be significantly reduced.

Drum storage units are the perfect way to gain added peace of mind and provide extra protection to staff and to the working environment.

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