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Drum storage and drum taps

If you store liquid in containment drums at your industrial site, you have to make sure that all eventualities are considered if the contents were to spill. There is now a huge array of drum storage containers and holders available, which can collect drips and leaks from cracked or damaged drums just for this purpose.

Drum taps

Drum taps are an essential component for any firm that needs to dispense liquids from drums on a regular basis. There are quite a few different types of drum taps available including:

• Self closing drum taps – Perfect to save time when dispensing liquid from the drum. The positive action needed to dispense liquid means the tap cannot be left on, minimising the risk of a spill.

• Polyethylene drum taps – A cheaper option than a metal drum tap, these are perfect for use on all types of drums and are corrosion resistant.

• Cast iron drum taps – These taps are a heavy duty type of tap that is ideal for dispensing any type of fuel oil. Their smooth operation makes them easy to use and the brass faceplate makes a good seal, stopping drips and leaks.

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