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Drum spill pallets: The correct method for spill containment

When handling drums used for storing fuels or hazardous and corrosive materials, you are dealing with potential danger. Handling and storing drums in the correct manner and having a proper procedure for dealing with emergencies are the best way to avoid serious incident.

The standard 205 litre drum is used ubiquitously across the planet in many industrial sectors so it’s inevitable that at some point spills will occur.

Drum spill pallets offer a highly effective way of preventing leaking drums from causing a hazard to workers and the surrounding environment.

Constructed from tough Low Density Polyethylene, the Drum Spill Pallet has an integral sump that will contain 110% of the drums capacity in the event of a leak or spill.

This has two main benefits, firstly, any leaked fuel or chemicals will be contained within the spill pallet and secondly, the proper use of a drum spill pallet will ensure your compliance with the Oil Storage Regulations 2001.

Spill pallets are available in various sizes, from a single drum spill pallet up to eight drum spill pallets and with hard frames and covers for outside storage. They are all manoeuvrable with pallet trucks or forklifts allowing them to be positioned where they are needed.

If you store steel drums on your site then you will need to fully assess your sites needs to find the most suitable spill containment solution for your business. If you store more than eight drums then you might want to consider operating with a drum store to reduce the significant implications of a hazardous spill.

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