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Drum Spill Pallets and Drum Trays can ensure compliance and prevent accidents

According to the 2011/12 Labour Force Survey conducted by the Health and Safety Executive, “falls, slips and trips made up over half of all reported major injuries and almost a third of over 3-day injuries to employees”. Slips and trips alone accounted for approximately 940,000 lost working days throughout 2011/12.

One of the most common causes of slips and trips in the workplace is the contamination of floors by oily or greasy liquids. There is a number of spill containment products that can help eliminate many of the factors that result in workers being injured and can be employed in workshops, garages, factories or literally anywhere that stores oil drums or chemicals.

Drum Spill Pallets

Drum Spill Pallets, also referred to as Drum Sump Pallets, are a secondary containment system constructed using tough polyethylene that are used for the indoor or outdoor storage of 205 litre drums. If you are storing oil or chemical drums on site, then a secondary containment system such as a Drum Spill Pallet is a legal requirement, as long as it holds no less than 25% of the drums storage capacity, as stipulated in the Oil Storage Regulations (2001).

Drum Spill Pallets also have a couple of valuable features incorporated into the design. Forklift pockets allow for superb manoeuvrability, while a removable grid sits within the pallet to enable easy cleaning of the contaminated sump. If you are using them for the outside storage of drums then you might want to consider using a Spill Pallet with Frame and Cover to prevent the build up of rainwater in the sump.


Drum Trays

Drum Trays work on exactly the same principle as the Drum Spill Pallets but are only suitable for the indoor storage of 205 litre drums. Made from tough polyethylene the Drum Tray’s are still fully compliant with the Oil Storage Regulations 2001 but lack some of the more useful features of the Drum Spill Pallets. Supplied without forklift pockets Drum Trays are designed to be a stationary tray for situating drums on when required. They provide a cost effective alternative to the Drum Spill Pallets.

The Drum Spill Pallet and the Drum Tray are ideal products to help reduce the risk of accidents at work, leading to a reduction in lost working days and an increase in productivity.

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